Marble fireplaces, stucco ceilings, wooden parquet from the days when Russia was ruled by the tsars and tsarinas. No, it is not a museum. It is something new, that has given rebirth to this historic place.

Golitsyn Loft - is the first creative quarter (block), bringing together 5 buildings located on the embankment of the Fontanka River.
One of them is an old mansion of the XVIII century, in which lived Turgenev brothers, Pushkin's friends. According to legend, the great poet wrote here his famous ode "Liberty". We also know that the mansion held the meeting of the literary society "Arzamas".
It used to be the place for hipsters of the 19th century, and now it is the place for youth of the 21st one.

The most ambitious project amoung others in St. Petersburg began
to work in this May. You can find there more than one hundred projects placed in the Loft at the moment. There are free space "Tsiferburg", an incredible number of showrooms, design studios, bars, restaurants, architectural studios, sports clubs, capsule hotel, fiction Theatre, Gallery of Modern Art, poetry workshop and several tattoo studios, one of which, for example, is arranged in the space of the house church.

The space, which consists of five buildings, an outbuilding and a large yard, engaged team BS Art Development Group, headed by businessman Alexander Basalygin.
Golitsin - loft is not the first project of the guys, but the most perspective.

The first place that we have found in an open Loft
is an Archery Club.
The first and probably the most original.
Where else can you see a man in a purple jogging suit, shooting a bow, and talking about his vintage bike, which was purple too, by the way?
Tsarist Russia, the Soviet period and modern society. This trendy place seems to coexist all stages of Russian history.
Very friendly bartender Eugene met us in the next room - The Timber cafe.
He showed us the home kitchen, modern furnished diningroom and the ancient TV at the entrance of the cafe from the Soviet Union.
As we have said, there is a huge number of showrooms in Golitzin. They all are different in styles, target audiences, but they similar in one thing - all of them was made with taste.
We looked into the shop for the whole family: beautiful lullabies, knitted sweaters for children and fashion accessories for their mothers. There is truly a family atmosphere.

It was too early when we came to the loft. Most bars and workshops were still closed.
But at the exit we unexpectedly met the young architect Jaroslav.
He kindly agreed to show us his Architect studio where he and his partner catche the inspiration and create plans for new buildings.

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