Loft Projects «ETAGI»
The post-industrial culture, which had transformed manufactured giants into the ruins, created a new urban trend: re-equipment of factories in the fashion multifunctional creative space. Then the little word "loft" was born, it meats industrial space, which has lost its original function.

Loft Project ETAGI is not only a cultural center, but a pioneer in loft design and one of the largest exhibition spaces in Saint Petersburg. Since 2007, the center occupies the building of a former bakery at Ligovsky, 74. The center currently consists of two modern art galleries, several exhibition areas, the Green Room cafe, LOCATION Hostel, and a rooftop area with a stunning view of the city.

But visiting exhibitions and going to the roof is not only activities in the ETAGI. You also have an opportunity to attend lectures and discussions on art and design, film screenings, theatrical performances, as well as various workshops for children.

In addition to exhibitions and educational activities, Loft Project ETAGI is involved in organizing benefit shows for social change in collaboration with the best art resources in the city. The center is also involved in a variety of international projects surrounding contemporary art in association with various cultural institutions in the EU.
In the Loft ETAGI we met with the manager Catherine. She told us about a history of this place and show the most interesting corners in the floors.
We even managed to climb onto the roof. There was rain that day, but we managed to see a different, yet real Petersburg from a Birdseye perspective.
manager of the project
" People just come here to rest, relax and maybe create something new. It is extremely inspiring. And also it is a very friendly atmosphere - as in a fairy tale, you can always find friends here "

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