Container Street

"Container Street" is a place, where you can find allmost everything. It is realized by "Workshop of Archipenko brothers". The atmosphere is very friendly and warm.

The concept of the project is to assist small local companies, start-ups and established brands in the market situation. The project is specially designed for young local businesses, which, in contrast to the national chains and corporations can and must find new strategies and ways of development. For young entrepreneurs and founders of the local brands this street give a flexible system of rent and investment support.

The street looks like this: on both sides of it are situated small iron containers, in which variety of shops and cafes locates. One container - one realized business idea.

We got to this street as soon as we came out of the Loft Project "ETAGI". After a little looking around, we decided to go inside a couple of these "containers" and meet with their hosts.
The first was a Container-library. There we met a lovely girl named Anna, who told us about her small business - selling books.
Then we went to the Container-hairdresser. Pleasant music, beautiful pictures on the walls, mirror and chair - all that is necessary for a small hairdresser-studio. This place is run by a young girl, and she told us, who often comes to this place and why the Containers Street is so popular.
After that we decided to go to one of the cafes, where we were greeted by cheerful guys. It occured to be a small vegetarian cafe.
The boys spoke english very badly, but this didn't prevent them trying to communicate with us. They were more than happy to answer a few questions.
To be truly in a trend, it is necessary to plunge into the cultural part of the city. Namely - to go to the museum, theater or, as it has become fashionable in recent years - to visit some exhibition. During writting this material one of the exhibitions was held on the Container street, so we were able to go and talk to one of its organizers.

"World Press Photo" is a very prestigious annual international competition among photojournalists. All photos submitted to the contest are a reflection of the most urgent and important events in the world for a year. All the emotions of the people shown on the photos, all the subjects and situations are absolutely real. No staged photos or artistic retouching. Why the exhibition was held namely in such place and who often comes here - you can listen in the audio below.

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