Shopping Center
Appearance is very important for the hipster:periodically you need to look into the concept stores and showrooms. But as we have already passed cozy showrooms - it's time to look into the trading giants.

Shopping and entertainment center "Gallery" is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, at the intersection of the main prospects of the city - Nevsky and Ligovsky. The crowds and noise are the standard attributes of the place.

The concept of the "Gallery" opens up endless possibilities for customers in fashionable shopping and active pastime. On five floors of a shopping center are located more than 300 shops, 28 restaurants and cafes, 10 cinemas and etc. This shopping center also organizes various workshops, speeches and presentations. It's such case when shopping trip becomes a real fun.
The first store, which we entered was FREEDOM STORE. It's not just a shop, it is a store with a sense. FREEDOM STORE philosophy is to promote independent brands and to support small business in the fashion industry. It's a new format of representing Russian designers to the public.

The slogan of the project is "the freedom of choice in lifestyle and the creation of special mood around". The creators of the show-room believe that clothing with its subtle blend of textures and shades help each of us in this case.

Recently FREEDOM STORE became the biggest store of Russian designers in the North West.

When we came inside the store, we met up with one of the creators of the show-room and at the same time designer - Marina. She told us about the concept and the idea of this shop, and showed us some of her own collection of clothes.

Walking through the "Gallery", we could not pass by the famous store BLACK STAR WEAR. It is a trendy, stylish, affordable brand of clothing and accessories from the label and stars Timothy Black Star inc.

BLACK STAR clothes line is represented by well-known Russian musicians: Timothy, Christina Si, ILO and L'One, who create a masterpiece not only for their fans, but for all of those, who seek a unique and inimitable style. In the BLACK STAR designs embody the most original ideas, which can appreciate the self-confident, active and ambitious person. Clothes by BLACK STAR wear stars of show business, famous athletes and actors.

Rap music, photos of Timati and his team everywhere, sweatshirts with the Russian flag - all theese we saw when came into this store. There we met a cute salesgirl, which told us about the idea of creating this clothing line and its basic concepts.

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