"Anti-cafe" is a special public space, where everything is free of charge - but except your own time. Visitors of such places have much more freedom in comparison to classical restaurants and cafes.

Primary activity is an extremely pleasant time-spending and entertainment, also you can visit some interesting events. As a rule, anti-cafe is a one big hall or several rooms with a cozy house interior where guests freely move and make drinks by themselves. Usually, there is a special zone of a food where guests can make tea, coffee, or take sweets.

The idea to pay not for food or event, but for time spent in anticafe came to the Russian businessman Ivan Mitin. In 2010 he started the place under the name "The House on a Tree" where each visitor left as much as he wanted and received for his payments tea, coffee and some "entertainments".

The idea was in suggesting everyone to distribute between each other the costs necessary for the project's maintenance. Thus, each guest became a kind of "micro-tenant" of this space. In a year after starting "The house on a tree" was so popular that Mitin decided to open the second place.

However, because of the high rent price of the new room he thought up another way to formalize the relations with guests, having suggested everyone to pay one ruble for a one minute. So, in autumn 2011, the first-ever place of such format – free space "Tziferblat" (means dial) appeared in Russia.
Tziferblat - is a place where everyone can come like to his own home.
Here you can read a book, work, play the piano, get acquainted with good people, attend the event, be creative, drink plenty of tea or coffee and do almost anything if it does not violate the freedom of others.

At the entrance, each guest receives the alarm clock and pays after all at the rate of 3 rubles per minute for the first hour, and to 2 rubles per minute for the further hour.

Tziferblat - is a house, in which everyone comes as to the good friend. And the team of assistants in anticafe are the good friends and hosts of this hospitable house.

We verified in it by ourselfs. In Tziferblat we were greeted by friendly employee Sergey. He told us a lot about his antikafe and its visitors

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