In recent years places specializing in street-food have become popular among young people. According to this, we can refer conventional cutlery, food trucks, and even a whole network of trendy restaurants of street food.

Currently about 2.5 billion people buy street food every day. And this is not the poor people. The rhythm of life in modern city create its own rules. Time is money. All people run and hurry. Sometimes, we can't even stay, sit down and enjoy our meal. Therefore, people like street food - it is quick, cheap and delicious enough. Also the trend of buying street food can be explained by the increasing penetration of western trends in our lives.
As our path led through the city center, we could not pass by one of the most popular among young people places - cafe Pita's, located near the Mayakovskaya metro station.
Inspired by European street food and Scandinavian design three friends opened the street food restaurant with a bar in St. Petersburg. Creators had an idea to develop the theme of street food - ennoble shawerma and make citizens love burritos and falafe more. Previously, the owners of the place, Alexander Krylov, Sergey Zhilin and Alexander Kim tried themselves in catering: they opened a small chain of pizza-cafes in residential areas, but then went out of this business and engaged in a new project, which is "not ashamed to show friends."

Pita's is a small cafe with a simple interior which is worth visiting while passing by. It is very nice to be there alone or in company and satisfy your hunger with unusual variations of street food. For example, the menu hit in Pita's is shaverma with cranberry sauce and mint. Other extremely satisfying and tasty dish is burrito with three kinds of meat (chicken, beef and bacon). For those who do not eat meat, there are also vegetarian dishes too. For example, falafel with fried zucchini and eggplant or falafel with cheese and pickled beets.

About the concept of the cafe, basic main idea of the creation of this network of restaurants and who often visits this place told us Alexander Krylov - one of the creators of Pita's.

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